“In search for the right road for people.” – This has been Da Yu’s most sought-after principle since it was established. All employees has been studiously searching and collecting all sorts of mapping data to reinforce our products, hoping all Da Yu product users can find and reach their destinations most efficiently when they have our maps in hand  

 We, at Da Yu, bear the tradition of direct selling as our distribution method. Our products are distributed by our closely knitted sales network, making sure our products are to be found in all bookstores, convenience stores and shops in reach of consumers’ needs at all times. It is also due to this insisted principle of bringing our latest products directly to the consumers, we were able to gather first hand market information and be able to make the most effective and best response to the needs and demands of the consumer market.
 A sharp sense of market trend and efficient distribution network management have given Da Yu an incomparable sales strength and advantage over all other competitors and at the same time, established an effective feedback system.
   Da Yu Publishing Co. Ltd. was established in 1969. It is located at the 2, 4,5 floors of 189 KuangChou Street, Taipei. Internally, it is divided into administrative, digital, editorial and sales departments. There are also branch offices located at Taichung and Kaohsiung and business centers at other towns and cities. Currently there are about 150 employees on list.  

Da Yu's products can be categorized as follows:

1. National and International road maps and

  The series include Map of Taiwan and 309
  cities and towns, China Atlas, World Atlas,
2. National and International tourist guides
  There is the Taiwan Travel series,
  Entertainment series, Going Abroad series,
  China Series, etc. These are the best
  referral one needs for planning one's trip.
3. Digital Map products
  There is currently the DaYu satellite auto
  navigation system NAVI—Taipei Metropolitan
  Life version, NAVI digital map database, etc.
   Da Yu has always focused on map products as its main publication. In the early labor-focused map industry, quantity and quality are issues that are almost impossible to over come with. But the vast development of the economy these days, the Taiwanese consumers have more usage and demands of map and tourism information. In response to the market demand, Da Yu adapted a computerized system in 1990 to automate editing process and upgrade printing quality and information collecting abilities. During this stage, Da Yu has trained and cultivated an editorial team familiar of automated digital production process, this has affected Da Yu greatly in the long term process. In 1992, Da Yu started to replace the traditional hand-drawn mapping process with a digital system. We adapted computerized systems and softwares to reproduce digitalized map of all Taiwan and for the recent 5 years, we have finished 309 towns and cities 1:25000 digitalized maps of Taiwan. This series of published products are already now selling on market.  
   Aside from the introduction of GPS and GIS related research development that started in 1997 and purchasing GIS softwares to integrate the digital maps, Da Yu has also started to research on the navigation teams’ hardware and software systems and will also be coordinating with DGPS bases to record data and carry out off-line road data comparison for first-hand road information.

  Due to the all-time update of map information and the increase of the demand on road travel information preciseness, Da Yu is now planning on carrying out interchange and upgrade of data format in the internal digital operating process. This complicated process is based on geographic data system plus the information gathered from the GPS on-road research. Completing this process can give Da Yu a precise and flexible GIS geographic data system to uphold the quality of our products and at the same time prepare our company for production of future digitalized map products. In the foreseeable future, DaYu is bound to become one of the leading high-tech digital map processing companies of the world.